Will Disputes or Claims for Further and Better Provision

Will Disputes or Claims for Further and Better Provision

Will Disputes

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Will Disputes

Disputes around inheritance are fraught. Emotions frequently run high and can cause lasting damage to family relationships.

Matthies Lawyers can resolve your Will dispute or claim for further and better provision, frequently by way of mediation rather than before a judge, which can lessen the time, cost and emotional fallout.

Whether you are contesting a Will, questioning the validity of a Will or seeking the removal of an executor, we have the experience you need to work through the many aspects of disputes relating to Wills and Estates.

Our main objective is to minimise the cost and expense for you while obtaining an outcome as quickly as possible.

We can assist you with:

  • Claims for further and better provision;
  • Proving that a Will was not valid, due to the Will Maker or Testator not having testamentary capacity;
  • Removing an executor who is not acting in the best interests of an estate;
  • Obtaining financial documents relating to the estate and forcing the executor to distribute the estate;
  • Undue influence and improper conduct;
  • Cy-près applications;
  • Interpretation of Wills;
  • Informal Wills

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